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Main characters:

A generation of mating, wide adaptability, strong resistance, insect resistance and lodging, high yield and early maturing, no bald, glutinous and no slag. The average time from emergence to harvest is 87.4 days. The plant height is 198.7cm, the spike height is 67.7cm, the spike length is 19.2cm, the ear diameter is 5.2cm, the bald tip 2.7cm is, the panicle type is long cone-shaped, the average row number is 14.4 rows, 35-40 rows per row, and the grain is red. The fresh seed weight was 36.0g, and the seed yield was 64.3%. The fresh fruit weighs about 300 grams. Anti field leaf blight and leaf blight were grade 0.6, grade 1, sheath blight, rust rot occurred, 0.8 corn borer. Liaoning to Hainan Island 60-85 days from seedling to harvest.

Main cultivation measures:

1, timely sowing: the ground temperature should be stable at above 12 C, and the air temperature will be stable at 18 C above the top. It can be sowed on the top. In spring and autumn of Nanjing, the planting of plastic film mulching in spring and late April 5th will be suitable for planting in the open field after April 5th, and autumn cultivation will be finished before August 10th.

2, strict isolation: glutinous and sweet corn can not be planted adjacent to other types of corn, and can be isolated in space or time, in order to prevent rice flour and affect the quality. Spatial isolation should be isolated time in more than 300 meters, for 30 days, spring, autumn is more than 20 days.

3, fertilizer and water management: avoid drought 10-20 days before silking, good fertilizer and water management, mainly using organic fertilizer, fertilizer compound fertilizer 50kg / mu, chase miaofei Shi Di urea 10kg/ Mu 25kg / mu urea fertilizer.

4, reasonable close planting: General requirements for 3000 plants / mu.

5, field management: 5 leaves 1 heart Dingmiao, timely weeding, seedling prevention to tiger, booting stage use of high efficiency and low toxicity pesticide control of corn borer.

6, timely harvesting: 21-24 days after pollination is the best harvest period.


It is suitable for planting in Huaihe and South China.

Suitable planting area and planting season:

The earliest sowing time is 5cm temperature of ground surface at 12 degrees. The seedling transplanting can be 10-15 days in advance. At the latest sowing date, the temperature of fresh spike harvest is above 18 C. The lower reaches of the Yangtze River area as an example, the spring in March 20th -5 month 10 days, autumn is from July 1st to August 5th.

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