Ideal Seed Only!

Main characters:

Tetraploid mosaic Carrot Varieties; erythroderma, fleshy root cylindric, single species up to 500-700 grams, high yield. The growth rate is very fast. Radish is very obvious advantages, the leaf yield was two times higher than the corresponding diploid radish leaf yield; less fiber, spicy taste light, good taste; anti-cancer effect in radish leaves, mustard oil glycosides content is high, the emerging health vegetables, people pay more and more attention.

Main cultivation measures:

Thermal, sowing in June 1st -8 month 31 days, the plant height of about 15-20cm harvest radish leaves; August 1st after sowing, radish leaves at harvest can remain part of the plant is used for the September harvest of summer radish.


The seeds begin to germinate at 2-3 degrees C, and the optimum germination temperature is 20-25. High temperature resistant seedlings to 25 DEG C, also can -2 to -3 low temperature. The optimum temperature of the endoplasmic root is 6-20 C, the suitable temperature is 13-18 C, and the low temperature under zero is not resistant. When the temperature is below -2 to -1 C, the fleshy root will be frozen.

Suitable planting area and planting season:

It is suitable for planting in most areas of the country for 40-70 days.

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